District 11 CRM FAQ

MyMeishi CRM FAQ

1.To Sign Up you have 3 options: 

  • Sign Up with Google
  • Sign Up with Apple (if you are on iOS) 
  • Sign Up with your email

All of these options are very simple.

2. Once you Sign Up you will the Window Create an Account. To create your account you will have 3 different steps:

  • Personal Infos: These information that you will fill in will appear on your Profile that you can share. 
  • Company Infos: These information that you will fill in will appear on your Company Profile when you will share your Profile. You will appear as you belong to your Company Name that you will enter.  
  • Social Media: These information are related to your social medias account if you would like to share. 

At any step you can skip as long as you entered the required information. 

Please note that you can come back and edit these information at any time. 

3. Once all information are completed you will be redirected to the Tutorial Screen to show what you can do with MyMeishi CRM. 


You will have 3 different option to Sign In: 

  • Sign In with Google
  • Sign In with Apple (if you are on iOS) 
  • Sign In with your email

After you Sign In you will be redirected to your Home screen that contains all the data that you need with a Dashboard, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Won vs Lost, Tasks, 7 in 7. 

This will help you to navigate easily to MyMeishi CRM. 

If you do not have an account please refer to How to Sign Up first. 

1.To add an account it is very easy you can access it from the Home Screen –> Click on Account

2. Then click on the “+” button on the top right of the Account list screen. 

3. A new screen will appear where you can add all the information regarding your account lead. 

4. Once the account is created you can see the list of contacts link to this account and the opportunities link to this  account and the list of tasks link to this account. 

All the information related to your leads are centralize this way you can easily navigate to create an new task or new contact or new opportunity. 

To add an opportunity very simple you go to Home Screen and you can access to it (or directly to the account lead that you would like to create this opportunity).

1.Once you access to Opportunity list you can see on top there are the stages of the opportunities that you can click to filter on. Also, you can see the “+” button on top right to add a new opportunity. 

2. Enter the required information such as:

  • Opportunity Name
  • Account Name link to this opportunity
  • Owner of this opportunity
  • Stage of this opportunity 
  • Deal Value 
  • Solution / Product
  • Start and End Date 
  • Probability in % that this opportunity will go through

3. Once all information are properly filled you can hit the button “Save” 

4. The opportunity will appear in the list of opportunities. 

To access to all the tasks you can go to the Home Screen and click on Tasks. (or you can access through an Account lead directly).  

1.Once you click on Tasks you can see all the tasks that you created with on the top the status for all the tasks that you can filter on. 

2. To create a new task go to the “+” button on the top right of the screen. 

3. A new screen will open with all the information that it is required to create a task.

4. Fill all the information required and then you will see the task will appear on the task list. Note that there is a check box “7 in 7” got to 7 in 7 section to understand more about this feature. 

5. At any time you can edit the status and progress in % of the task by clicking on the dropdown of the selected task or edit the task details. 

What 7 in 7 means? We created this feature to help our user to organize themselves and increase their efficiency. Basically, here we will list the 7 tasks that are happening in the 7 days (but only if you tick the 7 in 7 checkbox when you created the task). 

1.To create a task in 7 in 7 feature you have 2 options: 

  • Create from Tasks screen and tick the checkbox 7 in 7. 
  • Create the task from accessing 7 in 7 from Home Screen. 

2. You can fill all the information as it is for a task but the particularity will be that it will display the task per day for the next 7 days that are allocated for each day. 

3. You can also see the status for all the 7 in 7 tasks. 

4. You will be notify 24 hours before the due date of the task to your notification to make sure you will complete the task. 

1.To add a team member it will be very easy, you can click on your profile picture on top left on Home Screen then “Manage my Team” 

2. Create the user you want to add with all the required fields filled. 

3. Once it is done the user will receive an email to access to MyMeishi CRM.

4. You can add as many users as you want but you will be charged for each of the user you are adding. 

If you need any help let us know and we will assist you.  

1.To navigate to payment you can click on your Profile picture on the top left when you are on Home Screen. 

2. Then you will see your plan below your profile picture with your plan that your purchase if you did not you will see “Free” click on it and you will be redirect to our pricing list. 

3. Choose the option of the subscription that you would like to purchase. 

4. Then you will be asked to login with your credentials. 

5. Login and then you will be redirected to payment screen, once payment is done you will be able to access to all features forever and be able to add team members. 

Contact our support if needed.

If you have more questions please do not hesitate to contact us below.